A seminar devoted to mineral fertilizers of “Agritecno Fertilizantes” is held in Tashkent

Specialists of AGROKONTINENT Сo. Ltd. held a seminar devoted to mineral fertilizers of “Agritecno Fertilizantes” (Spain) in 10th of November of the current year in Tashkent. This company is a world leader on producing of growth biostimulators and organic fertilizers. The products of this company meets the highest world standards. Fertilizers of “Agritecno Fertilizantes” are unique product on Uzbek market as basically they contain natural amino acids of vegetative origin. The seminar was organized among local seed-breeders aiming to improve the crop`s quality and capacity and also to solve the existing problems regarding the crops cultivation. Nevertheless the “Agritecno Fertilizantes” is comparatively young company its fertilizers won big popularity in the world. The main advantages of the company’s products in their strong effect of plants` growth stimulation. They contain complex of natural nutrition elements for vegetative development of plants. They are nearly totally compatible in a tank mixture with pesticides and fertilizers. These fertilizers strengthen effect of pesticides and have de-stress effect on the plants after pesticides application.