About company
1994 1997 1998 2001
Mr. Aliev Khasankhon Begijonovich established  a private company  “Aka-Uka”. Start of cooperation with Netherlands company “Bakker Brothers”. Mr. Kan Georgiy Vladimirovich accepted an offer to become a second co-founder in the company “Aka-Uka”. There was accepted a decision to reorganize private company “Aka-Uka” into “AGROKONTINENT  Co. Ltd.”
“AGROKONTINENT Co. Ltd.” became one of the leading seeds companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan and cooperates with world leading seeds companies such as: Sakata – Japan, Vilmorin – France, Nunhems – Netherlands, Bejo – Netherlands, Syngenta – Netherlands, Galassi Sementi – Italy, Agritecno Fertilizantes – Spain, NongWoo Bio – Korea.
  • Aliev H.B.


  • Kan G.V.

    Deputy director

  • Aliev Sh.B.

    Area sales manager

  • Khalmuratov S.M.

    Area sales manager

  • Odilov B.U.

    Chief agronomist

  • Ziyamuhamedova M.Ya.

    Chief accountant

  • Vakulo O.V.


  • Umrudina S.V.

    External economic relationship manager

  • Chirkina L.E.


  • Ismatova Sh.U.

    Office manager

  • Jumanov M.I.

    Agronomist within Samarkand region