• A seminar devoted to mineral fertilizers of “Agritecno Fertilizantes” is held in Tashkent
About us

Director of the company of "Agrokontinent" Aliev Hasanhon Begijonovich

  Different vegetables and gourds are planted in Uzbekistan on marked out fields for farmers every year. As it is known, one of the mail important conditions for taking a bumper harvest is seeds of high- quality, that suit world standards, and resistant to different illnesses, that can be met in our regions. Hybrids and seeds represented by our company are tested to germinating capacity, hardiness, and their adaptation to our climate and soil. AGROKONTINENT Co. Ltd. is considered one of the leading seeds company that upholds its reputation on the local market over 20 years.

Our company, hoping to make its contribution on the sphere of vegetable-growing, calls specialists in this sphere to mutual, fruitful cooperation.